2001 - 2010 Duramax

  • 2001 - 2010 Duramax

    How to Read Out Stock File(only have to do this one time per truck)

    1. Plug the Autocal into the trucks OBD port and turn the key ON, NOT cranked.
    2. Scroll down until you see “Tuning tool” and then click OK
    3. Click ok on your ecm type (e54LB7, e60-LLY, e35a-LBZ, e35b-LMM) – It will read your stock file out of the vehicle, then tell you to turn the ignition off and click ok.
    4. Once countdown finishes, you are ready to flash your truck.

    How to Flash Tunes Into Vehicle

    1. Turn Key on, but NOT cranked.
    2. Once you obtain your stock file, Scroll down until you see “Tuning tool” and then click OK
    3. Scroll down and click on the “ Program Full” option and select your choice of tune Duramax will have one option “Full 1 DSP5” Cummins will be the name of the tune file (example: tow)or CSP5
    4. Scroll down and click“ok” on your tune
    5. It will ask you to License ECU, click ok.
    6. Wait for download to complete, then turn ignition off, click ok and wait for countdown to complete.

    How to Datalog with Autocal *BBx*

    1. Select “Scan tool”
    2. Scroll down to “RECORD DATA”
    3. Select controller type you want to log and click ok (e54LB7, e60-LLY, e35a-LBZ, e35b-LMM)
    4. Click ok on “Record Data” to data log and send to us or “Display Data” to verify information for yourself.
    5. Click ok and the time should pop up to show that you are recording.
    6. Once you are done recording, press ok, and it will stop recorded and save the log to the device.
    7. Many of the options (PIDs) you see are the options that are available that will help us diagnose any issues you may be having with your truck.

    To Verify DSP5 Voltage

    1. Truck needs to be in the RUN position and Autocal plugged in.
    2. Select “Scan tool”
    3. Select “Select PIDs” and select OK. Then select engine type. LB7: E54, LLY: E60, LBZ: E35A, LMM: E35B
    4. Scroll and find “Display Data” and select OK.
    5. Scroll down and you will see Engine Type + DSP5V as an option. (EX: E35ADSP5V). STOP.
    6. As you switch using the DSP5 switch, the voltage number will change from 4.97 and will drop. This means the switch it working properly. If it does not change it is not correctly installed.To Read and Clear Codes
    7. Scroll down to “Trouble codes” and click “ok”
    8. Scroll down to “Display all DTCs” and select “ok”
    9. To clear codes- Scroll down to “Clear codes”

    Troubleshooting basics: Error Code $0281 means there is no power to the Autocal, make sure your key is all the way in the run position (not cranked). If a Duramax, check cigarette lighter fuse. The OBD port runs off of the same fuse and sometimes it will pop. Replace and try again. If code continues to pop up, turn key off for 15 seconds, unplugAutocal, and retry operation. If problem persist, please contact the dealer you purchased the unit from and we will all work to resolve your issue.

    Your satisfaction is our #1 concern.